About us

National Management School (NMS) is founded in 1990 as non-profit organization, operating its activity in public interest. It is the first national training unit for extracurricular training in business and management for students from secondary schools in the country.

The School works with a qualified team of university professors and experts from research institutes following an academic curriculum, based in Austrian academic program and curricula of the University of National and World Economy - Sofia. The School is one of the few organizations in the country working actively in the field of teaching skills and knowledge in the areas of government, political system and civic society through the use of traditional and interactive educational methods and approaches.

Currently about 300 students study at NMS. Until now over 6500 students graduated successfully and 90% of them continued their education in universities, majority of them in the University of National and World Economy - Sofia.

Around 15% from NMS graduates continue their education in prestigious universities in foreign universities (Columbia University - New York, Georgetown University - Washington D.C., Vienna University of Economics and Business, Free University of Berlin, American University of Paris and others). Many of our former students who study abroad receive a full scholarship for their studies. We are proud that the document they received upon their graduation in NMS helped them to study in such renowned universities. Around 60% of students who graduated NMS are currently working in leaing companies and banks in Bulgaria and abroad.

Over the years of its existence National Management School developed and established itself as authoritative national institution, which is the only one in the country, that issues legitimate document to students for specialization in management.