Well_Be, 2020-1-UK01-KA201-079148

Inspiration Elevator, 2020-2-NO02-KA205-001714

Active Youth Participation through Empowered Leadership (APEL), 2019-3-SI02-KA205-015282

4YOUTH - Youth workers together for active participation, 608800-EPP-1-2019-IT-EPPKA2-CBY-ACPALA

YESSS - Young entrepreneurs at secondary schools, 2019-1-SI01-KA201-060381

Social Innovators, 2017-1-218

SLEVET - Student-driven Leadership Skills Development Programme in VET Schools, 2018-1-LT01-KA202-046951

Move It, 2017-3-ES02-KA105-010287

vidubiology - creative video for biology, VG-IN-BE-17-24-035611

DECO 2 - Key competencies development using the opportunities of digital era, 2017-1-LT01-KA202-035273

Youth Move, Engine for EU Social Economy, 2017-2-ES02-KA205-009730

CL@SS - Competences Learning at Secondary Schools, 2015-1-BG01-KA201-0014255

YounGO - Social Entrepreneurship among European Youth, 2015-3-ES02-KA205-006835


EU HUB – European Hub Model for socially-responsible young entrepreneurs, 2015-2-SI02-KA205-013022

D.E.C.O. Key competences for career designing in cooperation with labour market, 2014-1-LT01-KA202-000633

UEFY - United Europe for Youth, 2014-1-TR01-KA205-013020

CoMeIn - Coaching Methodology for Teachers in Secondary Schools, 518404-LLP-1-2011-1-BG-COMENIUS-CMP

SOS.NET - SOcial Skills Trainer - New Qualification for European Teachers, 510005-LLP-1-2010-1-BG-COMENIUS-CMP

Key competences for more competitive workforce in Bulgaria, BG051PO001-7.0.01-0015

Training of secondary school students to develop key social skills, BG051PO001-4.2.03-0998